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The Annual Maintenance Contract is the one contract that Trezor promises to abide by at any
given point of time. Your safety and convenience comes first and when you trust Trezor, you
sign up for life long maintenance services from some of the most reputed elevator contractors at
the best elevator manufacturing company in Delhi NCR.
For your convenience, Trezor comes bearing three types of packages for its Annual Maintenance
1. Non- Comprehensive (without parts)
2. Semi- Comprehensive (semi parts)
3. Fully comprehensive (all the parts)
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Lifts for multi-string buildings are no longer an option but have become a requisite in order to have a comfortable and cozy lifestyle. We try to make the best choices when it comes to choosing products for our homes whether that be branded products or some raw materials that we are going to use in our home. We at TREZOR make sure that along with unique and special design we provide you independent and trouble-free services. We not only believe in customer satisfaction while selling the lifts but also believe in providing the best lift services in India after your purchase. We always make sure that we try and remove any potential problems that may occur in the future that might cause interruption of services.

Our low prices for spare parts, annual safety inspection, and regular visits are what make us the best lift service provider in India. Also, our repair services make us the best lift repair company. Lift lifespan and safety are the two main parameters, we guarantee both and lifetime services along with it. Lifts are the extended part of your home and safety cannot be compromised at any cost. In India, there are literally no safety standards set by the government for lifts but our company makes sure to provide quality and safety. There are many local and branded companies providing lift services but we don’t play with these parameters mentioned above and that’s what makes us different from others. We work on customer satisfaction, perfection, and quality. We make sure that we provide you a smooth and joyful experience every time you step into our lifts.

We Are Best Lift Service Provider In India- :

TREZOR ELEVATORS is India’s Best Home Lift Manufacturer and always deems that fulfillment of the sales contract is not the completion of the work, but the start of the new work. TREZOR ELEVATORS persistently sticks to the serving principle of “giving full play of the max value of the product”. We lay great stress on providing vast customers with an excellent and high standard service guarantee and bring about the greatest satisfaction for our customers.

We always identify and remove potential problems before they cause an interruption of service. We optimize the performance of your installation and provide you with unparalleled equipment uptime for the comfort of your passengers.

We believe in doing things always before time and perfection in the service matters the most at TREZOR ELEVATORS

Low price spares and parts supply, annual safety inspection, regular and comprehensive quality return visit is what makes TREZOR ELEVATORS superior to the rest.

Why Trezor Elevators?

Reasonable cost – Our company offering reasonable cost value for money products.

Technology – We bring to our customers the best-in-class platform that allows them to manage safe n secure ride.

Service – We lay great stress on providing vast customers with an excellent and high standard service guarantee and bring about the greatest satisfaction for our customers

  •  We are having an efficient service in case of emergency.
  •  We are responsible for quick call response.
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